Sarajevo: Počeo GPTCA kurs


U Sarajevu je počeo trodnevni kurs za profesionalne teniske trenere koji vode predavači Globalne asocijacije profesionalnih teniskih trenera GPTCA, jedine trenerske organizacije koja ima ATP certifikat.







FRIDAY, 29 September  2017

7,15-8: Check-in : welcoming, delivery of badges and timetable.

8–9: C Course : Introduction to the course "The figure of the coach and the future of the GPTCA" (Castellani)

B Course : Introduction to the course “The tennis philosophy of the best coaches of the world” (Remondegui)

9-11:  C Course :“The rules of the  ITF   Junior and future  Tournaments” (Svjetlanovic )

 B Course , on the court: “Execution and training of  the exceptional strokes” (Remondegui)

11-13:  C Course , on the court: "Training of coordination skills for professional and high level junior players: reaction, transformation, differentiation, rhythm, orientation, balance, combination.” (Castellani)

B course : "History and structure of the ATP – Rules of the  ATP  Circuit and of the  ATP and Challenger Tournaments " (Svjetlanovic)

13-15: Lunch break

15-17,30 :  C Course :  “Mental  skills  and their trainability  ” (Castellani)

 "The Mental Training and a personalized mental training plan :relaxation and visualization” (Castellani )

B course "  the professional coaching: the footwork and how to search   better the ball on court " ( Remondegui )

17,30-19:  C Course " How to practice the concentration on the court " (Castellani ) 

17,30-19  B course  "drills  to  train the service and the  return "(Remondegui )


SATURDAY, 30 September 2017

9-11:  B Course  on the court – “Exercises for creating and reacting to pressure” (Remondegui)

9-11: C Course : “Polisensorial visualizations to improve  the technique of shots” (Castellani)

11-13: C and B course    "My coaching with Rafa" (Toni Nadal )

13-15: Lunch break

15-17: C and B course  , on court  "My coaching with  Rafa  (2nd part ) " (Toni Nadal ) 

17,15 -17,30: coffee break 

17,30 -19  B and C course   " Music Therapy : how to use the music  to train the elite tennis players" (Castellani ) 

SUNDAY  1st  October 2017 


9-11:    B Course  – on the court: "Specific physical preparation for tournaments by Challenger to Grand Slam” (  TBA )

 “Posturology and injury prevention“ (TBA)

9-11: C Course  on the court“Searching of praxic shot by Visual-Motor-Behavior Rehearsal   and  the basic  drills  for the high level tennis player   “ (Castellani)

11-11,15  Cofee break 

11,15 -13 : B and C level , on the court  " Mixte circuit training for the high level  tennis player : phisical , technical and  mental " (Castellani  )

13-15: Lunch break

15-16,15:  B and C  course ,on the court: “Exercises of Bioenergetics  ” (Castellani)

16,15-16,45: Coffee break




16,45-17,30: C and B course : final tests .

17,30-18,15: Correction of the final test


18,15: Closing ceremony and awarding of diplomas